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Does your limited vocabulary ever make you feel small?

Image of a small boy reading a vocabulary builder book.

Enrich your vocabulary by learning a new word every day. Every morning you will be emailed a new word with its pronunciation, part of speech, definition and sentence. Sign up is simple and FREE.

Increase your test scores by improving your vocabulary. Study over 4000 words broken up into several levels: SAT, GRE, High School, College, and Expert. It's all online and it's entirely FREE.

View and interact with a variety of flashcards online. You can either view MindPal's collection of flashcards or you can sign up for a FREE membership to create your own.

  • Improve your SAT, GRE, and other verbal test scores.
  • Improve your odds of being admitted to the college of your choice.
  • Unlock your potential and open the door to career advancement.
  • Improve your English language proficiency.
  • Exercise your brain to stay youthful and prevent dementia.
  • Improve your ability to communicate and give effective speeches.
  • Expand your knowledge while having fun.

Have you noticed that you are more likely to remember how to get somewhere if you drive, rather than ride along? The same principle applies to learning vocabulary words. Instead of passively reading vocabulary definitions, engage your mind and quiz yourself. With six types of quizzes for variety and reinforcement, plus 3-way flashcards, improving your vocabulary is easy. Not convinced that you can get that promotion or score high on that upcoming SAT or GRE college entrance exam? Try the program risk free for 60 days or try out the demo for free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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What's New

05/17/2014 The 1.34 version of the WordPal Vocabulary Builder is now available for download. It contains a few minor improvements to the code. For full details see the changes.doc file in the download.

05/12/2014 The 1.32 version of the WordPal Vocabulary Builder was posted. It contains additional improvements and corrections to the vocabulary database.

04/30/2014 The 1.30 version of the WordPal Vocabulary Builder was posted. It features over 500 improvements and corrections to the vocabulary database and extends the free update period until the end of 2015.

04/07/2014 The 1.28 version was posted.

03/29/2014 The 1.26 version was posted.

02/10/2014 The 1.24 version was posted.

02/03/2014 The layout and appearance of the MindPal website was updated.